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Recruitment solutions for Life Sciences and Health Care

Focus on Talent is a Boutique Executive Search Agency with national and international clients in Life Sciences and Health Care.

Focus on Talent specialises in Recruitment, Executive Search, Interim Management, Assessment Centres and Development Centres in the Life Sciences and Health Care fields. We work for various companies that are active in these sectors, including Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), as well as organizations active in Medical DevicesAnimal Health and Vetinary Sciences.


Finding talent requires talent – We Focus on Talent

Finding the ideal candidate for an open position requires a careful selection. This is all the more true when you are looking for executives. After all, they have a profound impact on your company’s successes. That’s why many companies choose to work with recruitment agencies in their search for the right addition to their team.


What to look for in an executive recruitment agency

You are looking for an agency that has the tools and the expertise needed to assess whether a candidate and a company will match. Moreover, your recruitment partner needs to be intimately acquainted with the sector in which you are working. Much like in couture, then, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need one that is tailor-made for your company. This is where boutique executive search agencies truly shine. And we are proud to be one.

We are Focus on Talent.


Hire smarter

Bad hiring decisions, particularly on an executive level, have a significant impact on your company.

Recruitment costs time and money. Once an employee is hired, the onboarding process typically requires further investment in training. However, if a new executive is not up to their role, all these investments yield next to no return. Worse, one has to start the hiring process all over again. The cost of a bad hire, then, can be as high as to two-and-a-half times that person’s yearly salary.

Moreover, bad hiring decisions not only amount to a serious loss of time and money. A mismatch between manager and team impacts the latter’s productivity and engagement. Customer relationships and sales figures, too, are likely to be affected by a subpar executive.

Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution? As a Boutique Executive Search Agency, Focus on Talent has the answer you need.


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