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Focus on Talent practices that very rare attribute that is critical in bringing new talent on board; they actually listen to what their customers are looking for. This results in people matching the requirements, they stay and are successful.

– Director Global Strategic Marketing,
Medical Devices

Boutique Executive Search Agency –
Your agency for Recruitment and Selection of talents
in Life Sciences and Health Care

In a world of fast fashion, we are tailors. After all, talents must fit your organization exactly as you want them to if you wish to succeed.


Recruiting with a Boutique Executive Search Agency

As a Boutique Agency, we deliberately work on a small, personal scale and choose to focus on specific roles in specific industries, always expanding our knowledge of these sectors.

In our case, that means executives in Life Sciences and Health Care. It’s what we know. It’s what we do best. Through this focused approach, we can devote all our time, expertise and energy to finding the candidate that best suits your company. The result? An efficient executive recruitment process – tailored to you.


Our approach

Our approach is personal, transparent, flexible and result-oriented, as we want to be a trustworthy partner for companies and professionals.

  • First, we take the time to listen to your needs. This allows us to precisely delineate the skills your future employee requires.
  • Next, we start our search. We carefully and discreetly look for candidates with the right experience and competences, but also a personality and ambitions that are in line with the mission and views of your company. As a Boutique Agency with an extensive network, we have a vast and varied pool of talents.
  • Finally, our work need not necessarily stop as soon as you and the selected candidate reach a mutual agreement. To ensure an optimal and carefree collaboration, we can provide follow-up sessions with your employee in their new work environment.

As such, our tailor-made approach should result in the best possible fit.


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