“If your organization is in need of talent, I suggest contacting the highly professional Mimi Augstijnen. She and her team operate like the Flemish painter Van Dijck: accurate, meticulously detailed, and leaving us with a joy to see the result. It is both rewarding as it is a pleasure working with them.”

– Associate Vice President, Healthcare –

We strive for a customised, no-nonsense approach and towards a client-oriented service that is solidly based on dialogue and flexibility. That’s why our senior consultants are entrusted with each of our assignments, and that makes all the difference.


Our methodology implies more than simply contacting a candidate. Not only do we select the most suitable candidates via direct search, we also screen their skill set, personality, potential and ability to integrate within the company and the team. For us, this starts with identifying your needs and mapping the required competencies. It is along this route that we are able to access an optimal mix of knowledge, skills, ambitions and personality. In this process we pay close attention to obtaining best possible match with the organisational culture and the team. Time after time, this practice has enabled us to assist the client with making the right decision.

For us, the recruitment process isn’t done until your vacancy is filled with the right person. As an additional service, we also provide follow-up of the employee in his or her new work environment, in order to ensure that our collaboration continues without a hitch.


In our collaboration with both companies and professionals, honesty and ethics (to include rules-based ethics) top our list of values. This means that from first contact we strive for the maximum amount of openness and transparency, and this in both directions. It is important to us that all information is communicated correctly, so that none of the parties are left with any unpleasant surprises.

This also means that we will never share personal data with others without the explicit consent of the person concerned.

If you would like to know more about our procedures and data processing, you can consult our privacy policies.


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